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Training a New Exerciser

Training a new exerciser requires patience, clear guidance and supportive language. New exercisers need someone to teach and encourage them while they discover and learn what their bodies can do. They must learn how specific muscles feel while working. Athletes and personal trainers understand these things through experience and deep consideration. New exercisers likely haven’t had such experiences or the interest. Thus, when they begin or renew an exercise program, they may be tentative. They may be uncertain of what they should do and how to exercise safely.

Personal Trainers

When training a new exerciser, personal trainers can play a huge and beneficial role. Well-produced videos may help many people begin a safe exercise program> However, it is difficult to have your individual questions answered by a video. Inevitably, the new exerciser is one step behind a course instructor speeding through a routine. The new exerciser starts thinking about catching up, rather than feeling what their bodies are doing. They need to become aware of how move through space. It’s helpful to learn which muscles stabilize through a movement and which muscles move a bone around a joint.

Watch the short video below to see how one experienced trainer, Tom Marshall, guides his client. Through careful word choices, she discovers how her abdominal muscles work and feels the effort those muscles exert.

Training a New Exerciser Video

Personal trainers do very important work and can lead clients to greater self-knowledge. Clients can gain greater strength, stability and general well-being. The best trainers change the world, one client at a time. Especially important is the new exerciser just beginning their journey to better health and understanding.

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Disclaimer: The above is the opinion of the author. Use at your own risk. As always, consult with your doctor before beginning any nutritional or exercise program.