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Tom Marshall

AbStar’s First Brand Ambassador

Tom Marshall is one of the finest, most dedicated personal trainers I’ve ever met. We worked together years ago when I was just starting out, and he was already a veteran trainer. He was someone I respected for his work ethic, his openness to new ideas, and his single-mindedness in helping his clients. That’s all that mattered to him, helping his clients. He would utilize any exercise or any fitness device that would help his clients achieve their goals, and he avoided those that didn’t. He always wanted to learn more, so he could help more. I feel privileged that he has agreed to become AbStar’s first brand ambassador and is a proud user of the AbStar Fitness Trainer.

Dean Erickson

CEO, Bionic Fitness, Maker of the AbStar AIR

Tom Marshall Biography

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Tom Marshall biography

Tom Marshall Training Rates

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Tom Marshall Training Rates

In the short video below, Tom Marshall guides his client during beginner ab crunches. With the AbStar AIR supporting her lower back, the client can safely focus on her muscle movement and understanding exactly what she is doing and why.

Tom Marshall trains clients privately at their homes, outdoors or at a private gym in West Los Angeles. Click to view Tom’s personal training resume. You can call or email him at the following: Phone: (310) 617-7558 Email: [email protected]

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