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Strengthen Your Core and More

Discover the AbStar AIR

  • The AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer revolutionizes inflatable core fitness trainers.
  • With multiple hold positions and an anti-slip base, the patented AbStar AIR is safer, more effective and more versatile than an exercise  ball.
  • Easy to carry, move and store, it’s simple to use at home or in the gym.
  • Supportive, compact, and only inches high means you’ll never fear of falling off.
  • Never re-pump, because the AbStar AIR’s industrial strength valve prevents air loss.
  • Why waste time using a bulky, unsupportive exercise ball?
  • Be a star with the AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer!
The AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer is safer, more versatile and more effective than a bulky exercise ball.

Safe Exercise

The inflatable AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer offers a safe, unstable exercise surface for efficient exercising through its unique, patented rounded-star design. Anti-burst with a 400 lb. rating, an anti-slip base, and no moving or metal parts, using the AbStar AIR is effective and safe.

Achieve safe, effective core exercise at home.

The AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer is safer, more versatile and more effective than a bulky exercise ball.

Efficient Exercise

Don’t like crunches? Just place the top pf the AbStar AIr under your lower back, lean back and hold. You’ll soon feel the burn!

With its low-rise and compact size, the AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer ensures you stay in the most effective positions for core exercising. The unstable surface makes ab exercises, back extensions, side bends, and planks more potent, so you achieve your fitness goals faster.

It’s great for beginners and advanced exercisers alike.

The AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer is safer, more versatile and more effective than a bulky exercise ball.

Versatile Exercise

When you squeeze the AbStar AIR between your hands or legs, it will comfortably resist your force to help you build muscle and improve stamina. It offers multiple hold positions for versatile bodyweight and resistance exercise options. Work those inner thighs, build your chest muscles, and strengthen your grip and forearms.

It’s perfect for core training, total body circuit training, body balance and physical therapy. You can use it for stretching, strength, and water workouts.

Safe, Effective Home Exercise

  • Home exercise is now safer; the AbStar Air Core Fitness Trainer has an anti-slip base and is only ten inches high.
  • You’ll become fitter faster; move quickly between exercises for improved efficiency.
  • You’ll enjoy exercise more with versatile options for improved strength, stamina, balance and flexibility.
  • Watch our short video to see why the AbStar AIR is the most effective inflatable home fitness device available.

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Our Mission

As a small business with big ambitions, our mission is to help millions of consumers worldwide achieve safer, more efficient exercise by providing cost-effective, durable and innovative fitness products.

What our customers are saying

“LOVE my new Abstar Air!! It’s the first time I have enjoyed doing abs in my workout. Soooo much better than a ball, or working just off of the floor. Gives just enough back support and still works out abs thoroughly. Also great for inner thigh squeezes and the lat pulldown position gives you stability while maintaining a great stretch.”


“I was pleasantly surprised with how simple and easy to use this product is. I definitely feel like I’m getting a solid workout with very little stress and it does feel very stable, too. A smart buy if you’re looking to get in shape or maintain good fitness.”


“I definitely got the best ab workout than from any other inflatable device. Love that it doesn’t roll out from under you and it’s really easy to get and keep your balance on this core fitness trainer, unlike the large round balls that I spent more time balancing on than actually working out on. I spend a lot less time getting a killer workout!”