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Bosu or AbStar AIR?

Compared to the Bosu, our Exercise Star is the best fitness device for home users. The Bosu is  good for standing balance exercises and most gyms have several of them. But it is heavy at 15 pounds and large, so it’s difficult to carry, move or store. The AbStar AIR core Fitness Trainer is only 3.6 pounds and is far more compact, so it’s easier to carry, move and store. It’s also much less expensive. The AbStar AIR is simply more effective, safe, versatile and practical for home users.

As a former personal trainer and athlete, I’ve always found the Bosu to be good for balance training. It offers a relatively unstable surface on which to step or stand. Although it is sometimes used for ab crunches and back extensions, its size and rigidity make it poorly-suited for such core exercises. Because of its large size and heavy weight, trying to use it at home becomes especially cumbersome. In fact, because of its rigid, flat platform and heavy PVC material, it may actually be too stable for many exercisers. It simply doesn’t offer the best unstable surface or versatility to be beneficial for core and total body home exercise.

Better Than Bosu (for home use)

The patented AbStar AIR is designed specifically for the core exercises where the Bosu does not excel, and is designed for home use. While the Bosu weighs about fifteen pounds, the AbStar AIR weighs less than four. That makes the AbStar AIR easier to use and move for almost any exerciser. The Bosu, depending upon the model, can be 22-26 inches in diameter, while the AbStar AIR is only 20 inches in diameter at its widest and only 14 inches at its narrowest.

Better Than Bosu (in cost)

The Exercise Star (aka AbStar AIR) costs around $40 with free U.S. shipping, while a Bosu can cost up to $200. The Bosu has been around a long time. It is a staple piece of equipment at most gyms, but it is not well-suited or most economical for home use. The economical and versatile AbStar AIR has been designed specifically for home use. Its versatility allows for standing, seated and reclining exercises that can be geared for beginners through advanced users.

Better Than Bosu (for versatility)

The AbStar AIR can be used for every type of exercise EXCEPT standing balance. The AbStar AIR is simply too unstable to stand on safely. However, that is exactly what makes it better for every other non-standing exercise. In addition to adding greater instability and challenge for core exercises, the AbStar AIR can be squeezed. Squeezing the AbStar AIR offers more versatility by adding resistance (strength) training at home with just the one device. Click here to see our AbStar AIR exercises.

Use the Bosu at your gym for standing balance exercises, and use your Exercise Star at home for everything else. Save money and space with the AbStar Core Trainre while achieving a more varied and effective workout safely at home.

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Disclaimer: The above is the opinion of the author. Use at your own risk. As always, consult with your doctor before beginning any nutritional or exercise program.