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Exercise Videos

AbStar Exercise Videos

Important: Please Read

Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. Do not rush or use momentum during exercise. Breathe normally; avoid straining or holding your breath. Discontinue any exercise or workout that causes joint discomfort.

Do not step, stand, jump, or bounce on the AbStar Fitness Trainer. Do not use it with heavy weights. This device is not intended for children. Do not use it as a flotation device. Use your AbStar Fitness Trainer only as directed. Clean with soap and water, alcohol wipes, or disinfectant sprays.

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Exercise Categories

Core – exercises that involve the mid-body area, including abdominals, hips, lower back, glutes, and love handle-areas.
More – exercises that may work the arms, legs, and/or upper torso.
Balance – exercises that require instantaneous muscular movements, usually small and subconscious in nature.
Stretching – exercises that are intended to lengthen muscles and reduce strain around joints.

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About the AbStar Fitness Trainer

The inflatable AbStar Fitness Trainer offers almost limitless exercise options. It provides multiple hold positions for comfort and usability for seated, standing, and reclining exercises. With its low-rise and compact size, the AbStar Fitness Trainer ensures you stay in the most effective positions for better core exercising. The unstable surface makes ab exercises, back extensions, side bends, and planks more potent, so you achieve your fitness goals faster.

It's great for core strengthening, circuit training, stretching, water workouts, and much more! Click here to learn more.