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Best Floor Exercise

Everyone claims to know the best floor exercise, but we’ve actually created it! Really. Check out our video to view this new exercise from AbStar which utilizes our heavy-duty cotton six-foot  Exercise Strap (aka VersaStrap).

This great new exercise focuses on biceps, shoulders, legs, abs, and obliques all in one awesome exercise. Do one side, then the other. Great for strength, stamina, and body and muscle awareness.

How to Perform It

All you need to do to start is to lie down with your legs stretched straight out in front of you. Easy! With one loop of your cotton VersaStrap looped around one foot, reach down to grasp another loop on the VersaStrap with your same-side hand. Your arm should be straight with your shoulders on or close to the floor.

Pull the VersaStrap with your arm which lifts your leg. Then push away with your foot, resisting the leg movement with your arm. Repeat a few times to learn the movement and to begin to understand the resistance provided by your own muscles.

Next, add an ab crunch with a twist toward the opposite knee as you pull in your leg. Push away with your foot as you lower your torso back toward the floor. Try not to allow your shoulders to come all the way down to the floor. Keep muscle tension in your abs by holding your upper torso off the floor.

Repeat the compound movement several times and repeat the process on the opposite side.



Why This is the Best Floor Exercise

The best floor exercise normally involves several muscles at once. The more muscles activated during exercise, typically, the better off you’ll be. This exercise enlists your biceps, shoulders, legs, abs, and obliques, which is great, but it also helps you learn how to coordinate all those muscles.

During the movement, one muscle may resist the movement of another, so you’ll learn to modulate that resistance. With the fairly complex compound movement, you will improve coordination and learn control. Each repetition should be done methodically as you feel each muscle and consider each movement.

Flow through the exercise as smoothly as possible, but, by the end of your set, you should know you’ve worked hard! Try several repetitions and see how you feel. Generally, it’s best to go until you’re tired, but always be safe and increase your work gradually in order to prevent too much muscle soreness.

Exercise Straps by AbStar

Our newest product, Exercise Straps by AbStar, keeps with our abiding philosophy that AbStar brand fitness products should offer great versatility and value for the consumer. We offer two types of VersaStraps in a convenient, affordable package to try and meet every possible need of the exerciser.

Our first exercise strap is made from elastic nylon and is thirty-three inches long and two inches wide with eight loops. This comfortable strap offers resistance for strengthening and stretching that is geared for warmups and the beginning exerciser, but can also be beneficial for the most advanced exerciser.

Our second exercise strap is constructed from heavy-duty cotton and is 1 1/2 inches wide and six feet in length with ten loops for comfort, versatility, and strength. See our exercise videos page to view all of the amazing exercises you can perform to increase your strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance safely at home. (More VersaStraps exercise videos coming soon!)

Each strap is great for yoga poses, stretching, and physical therapy, as well as strengthening and balance exercises. Improve your strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance safely at home with Exercise Straps by AbStar.

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Disclaimer: Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise or nutrition program. The opinions contained herein are the opinion of the author only. Use it at your own risk.