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How to get Six Pack Abs

There are millions of opinions about how best to get great-looking, six pack abs. There are also a few tried and true ways to achieve them. A perfectly good exercise that has been around forever is the ab crunch. Ab crunches with or without added weight are great for creating definition in your abdominals.

One of the keys to getting six pack abs is being efficient. Doing ab crunches on the floor can be valuable and simple to do almost anytime. We suggest, however, that you avoid coming all the way back down to the floor between repetitions. It is crucial to maintain muscle tension throughout the exercise for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Inefficient resting is unavoidable when using big, spongy exercise balls. They just don’t offer enough support to allow your upper torso to remain off the ball. By allowing your torso to sink into the ball you wind up resting for much of your exercise. That wastes time and reduces your benefit. However, exercising on an unstable surface can be very beneficial in achieving the most effective ab crunches and increasing calorie burn, but proper positioning is critical. To efficiently achieve great-looking, six pack abs, you need your ab muscles to support your upper torso against the force of gravity throughout your ab crunches. Exercise/fitness/yoga balls just aren’t helpful in that regard. That’s we created the Exercise Star.

Compact and supportive, the patented AbStar AIR allows you to get parallel to the ground and keeps you in the best position for effective core exercise. Whether you use only your bodyweight or use added weight, your muscles will have to support that weight directly against gravity. There’s no inefficient resting, cheating or wasted time using the Exercise Star.

Six Pack Abs

Just doing thousands of crunches or other core exercises is not enough. Through good nutrition, meaning the right type and amount of calories, you can reveal the ab muscles you created through efficient exercise. Burning more calories by building more muscle and utilizing the right cardio or circuit training program can also help those abdominals pop. Remember that your “core” consists of 360 degrees, not just the front of your torso, so front, side and back planks are valuable for balancing one’s musculature and overall strength. Lat pulldowns, rear delt pulls and back extensions help develop your back muscles and may be important in order to match the development of your new six pack abs. Bicycle crunches and side crunches will help develop your obliques and sides of your torso. Again, remember to maintain muscle tension throughout your exercises for the greatest effectiveness and efficiency.

Get More than Six Pack Abs

Generally, people want to maintain or improve their function, while improving appearance, so try to strengthen your whole core, even while training to make your abs pop. And never forget the critical nutritional aspect of reducing calories enough to begin losing excessive body fat. Even the strongest abs won’t show through when covered in inches of body fat.

Be smart and disciplined in your training and nutrition, learn more as needed, but remember that the simplest, tried-and-true concepts and exercises may be best in helping you to reach your goals. Complicated routines or diets may be more harmful than beneficial and too daunting to maintain in your quest to achieve your very own six pack abs. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise or nutrition program. The opinions contained herein are the opinion of the author only. Use at your own risk.