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Wall Squats

Wall squats are a great leg exercise for home exercisers. The AbStar Core Trainer is extremely comfortable and allows enough movement to get full benefit from the exercise. And with the unstable surface of the AbStar AIR, you get maximum muscle engagement.

Perform perfect form wall squats and maintain continual muscle tension to faster results! Safe and effective body weight exercises at home are a staple for the AbStar AIR. Tone and strengthen your legs and glutes with wall squats, which are a great alternative to lunges.

The AbStar Core Trainer is amazing for beginner through advanced exercisers, but advanced users will benefit from using the AbStar AIR in almost limitless ways. With the AbStar AIR, you can get in shape quickly with standing exercises, seated exercises, and reclining exercises. With its tremendous versatility, safety and effectiveness, the AbStar Core Trainer is a must-have for your home gym.

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