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Side Bends

Side Bends | Nichole Mellison

Fight those love handles with side bends. This is core exercise made better and more difficult by adding an unstable surface with the Exercise Star. Maintaining balance while moving through an exercise is not as easy as Nichole, in our video, makes it look. You will engage many more muscles than if you were lying on the floor itself. You will be working primarily the muscles on your sides near your “love handles.”

The actual muscles are the quadratus lumborum (on each side), but what matters is that they help stabilize your spine. No, you cannot “spot reduce”, but you can maintain spine health and good overall fitness. Side bends are an exercise to consider.

Watch Nichole for proper form. Don’t overdo this exercise, but don’t neglect it either.

About Nichole Mellison

Nichole has been a successful personal trainer in the Los Angeles area for over 12 years. She is a WBFF Bikini Pro Fitness Model and the owner of a mobile personal training business, Workout on Wheelz. Nichole specializes in senior fitness, private one-on-one training, and competition prep.

About the Exercise Star

The inflatable Exercise Star offers almost limitless exercise options. It provides multiple hold positions for comfort and usability for seated, standing, and reclining exercises. With its low-rise and compact size, the Exercise Star ensures you stay in the most effective positions for better core exercising. The unstable surface makes ab exercises, back extensions, side bends, and planks more potent, so you achieve your fitness goals faster.

It's great for core strengthening, circuit training, stretching, water workouts, and much more!

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