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Planks are one of the staple exercises to improve core fitness and strength, but they are far more effective when performed on an unstable surface in proper position. That’s exactly where the AbStar Fitness Trainer shines! It’s perfect for planks. Do planks with either your forearms on the core trainer or with your feet on it. Either way, you have one unstable surface to challenge your core. Very advanced users might try dual AbStar Fitness Trainers for an extra challenge. Watch this video to see some of the variations you can perform and come up with more on your own.

Strengthen your core while you enhance body awareness by adjusting your body weight to your ever-changing center of gravity. Improved body awareness and muscle recruitment are two of the many benefits of utilizing the AbStar Fitness Trainer for safe home exercise.

Beginners through advanced users can benefit from doing planks. These exercises can improve your posture while they burn calories. They will also help you maintain stability in your spine and ease some types of back pain. Safe and effective body weight core exercises at home are a staple for the AbStar Fitness Trainer.

With the AbStar Fitness Trainer, you can get in shape quickly with standing exercises, seated exercises, and reclining exercises. With its tremendous versatility, safety and effectiveness, the AbStar Fitness Trainer is a must-have for your home gym.