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Assisted Yoga Stretches | Pigeon | Crocodile | Cobra | Hare

Assisted Yoga Stretches

This video shows several great stretches based on traditional yoga, now assisted by using the Exercise Star. Assisted yoga stretches with the Exercise Star can help you perform these stretches within a range of motion (ROM), rather than just holding them static. This ROM stretching may be beneficial to many people for increasing flexibility as well as increasing muscular control. The video starts with the pigeon pose which targets the glutes and outer part of the hip, then flows moves to crocodile pose which targets the inner thigh muscles and inner part of the hip, and then flows through cobra and hare poses which together help stretch and lengthen muscles through the spine, abdomen and shoulders.

Watch the video, which is targeted for experienced yogis, to learn a great sequence for beginning or ending a workout or for raising your energy after a day at work. Assisted yoga stretches with the Exercise Star may be a way to learn more about your body and take your yoga practice to a higher level.

About the Exercise Star

The inflatable Exercise Star offers almost limitless exercise options. It provides multiple hold positions for comfort and usability for seated, standing, and reclining exercises. With its low-rise and compact size, the Exercise Star ensures you stay in the most effective positions for better core exercising. The unstable surface makes ab exercises, back extensions, side bends, and planks more potent, so you achieve your fitness goals faster.

It's great for core strengthening, circuit training, stretching, water workouts, and much more!

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Disclaimer: Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise or nutrition program. The opinions contained herein are the opinion of the author only. Use it at your own risk.

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