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Effective Ab Workouts

Effective ab workouts start with the Exercise Star (aka AbStar AIR). Unlike with the ubiquitous exercise ball, there’s no cheating with the AbStar AIR, So, you save time and get ripped faster when performing your ab workouts. Versatile and efficient, the AbStar AIR is safer AND more effective.

We’ve all seen an exercise ball rolling back and forth under a user during ab crunches. The exerciser engages their hip flexors and uses the momentum from the rolling ball to speed through their repetitions. Because the ball is big and spongy, it allows resting of the torso during the release portion of the crunch. Repetition, rest, repetition, rest. That’s just not how to get in shape efficiently.

Use the AbStar AIR for Better Ab Workouts

Because of the small surface area and low profile of the AbStar AIR, there’s no more resting between repetitions. With the AbStar AIR, you achieve more effective exercising. With the AbStar AIR, you’ll maintain continuous muscle tension in order to hold your upper torso off the ground. As a result, you’ll be working harder and with better form.  Ab crunches performed on the AbStar AIR focus the work purely on the abdominals, not the hip flexors. It’s called an “ab crunch”, after all, so the work should focus on the abs. With the AbStar AIR, they’ll be no more rolling with momentum or enlisting hip flexor muscles. Importantly, you’ll be precisely targeting your abdominals with your crunches.

Poor Form Using a Ball

Due to an exercise ball’s shape and larger size, an exerciser’s torso will likely be slanted upward. You want your torso parallel to the ground to work directly against gravity. The more parallel to the ground, the more you are required to work against gravity to support your torso. Gravity should be your friend. And when you use an exercise ball, if you lean back too far, whoops! You lose balance and can be badly hurt, if you fall.

The Exercise Star is Safer and More Effective

The top surface of the AbStar AIR is only inches from the ground. That keeps you safe, even if you lose your balance. Just catch yourself with your hands to prevent injury. And with its integrated base, the AbStar AIR won’t slip out from under you like an exercise ball may do.

Safer, more versatile, and more effective exercise. That’s what you get with the patented Exercise Star.

Yours in health,
Team AbStar

Disclaimer: The above is the opinion of the author. Use it at your own risk. As always, consult with your doctor before beginning any nutritional or exercise program.

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