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Triceps Extensions for Beginners

Triceps Extensions

This video shows beginners how they can start improving the underside of the upper arm with triceps extensions using resistance from our ultra-convenient, elastic-nylon VersaStrap. The triceps extensions exercise focuses on the triceps with some secondary benefit to the shoulders. If performed while sitting on an AbStar Fitness Trainer, as pictured, you may also receive secondary benefit to your core as your body adjusts to the unstable surface from the AbStar AIR. Great for toning an often-problematic area of the arm!
Following up on our successful introduction of the patented AbStar Fitness Trainer, AbStar Fitness Products introduces VersaStraps by AbStar. VersaStraps by AbStar come in a pack of two stretching and strength straps to meet all your fitness strap needs. These versatile, comfortable, and strong straps can assist you in stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as help you improve your stamina and balance.
About VersaStraps by AbStar
Our newest product, VersaStraps by AbStar, keeps with our abiding philosophy that AbStar brand fitness products should offer great versatility and value for the consumer. We offer two types of VersaStraps in a convenient, affordable package to try and meet every possible need of the exerciser.
Our first VersaStrap is made from elastic nylon and is thirty-three inches long and two inches wide with eight loops. This comfortable strap offers resistance for strengthening and stretching that is geared for warmups and the beginning exerciser, but can also be beneficial for the most advanced exerciser.
Our second VersaStrap is constructed from heavy-duty cotton, and is 1 1/2 inches wide and six feet in length with ten loops for comfort, versatility and strength. See our exercise videos page to view all of the amazing exercises you can perform to increase your strength, stamina, flexibility and balance safely at home. (VersaStraps exercise videos coming soon!)
Each strap is great for yoga poses, stretching, and physical therapy, as well as strengthening and balance exercises. Improve your strength, stamina, flexibility and balance safely at home with VersaStraps by AbStar.

Disclaimer: Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise or nutrition program. The opinions contained herein are the opinion of the author only. Use at your own risk.


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