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Easy Ways to Lose Weight

People often ask, “What are some easy ways to lose weight?” Of course, if everything was easy, we’d all be thin, rich and fabulous. However, faced with a myriad of options to help you lose weight, sometimes the best answers are the simplest ones. Despite thousands of different diets and styles of workouts marketed to help you lose weight, it may be easier than you think to reduce your weight and body fat in a healthy way. Let me explain what I did to fairly quickly lose 15 pounds.

I don’t have what would be considered an “active” lifestyle. I work at a desk most of the day and often watch TV at night to wind down. With sports injuries and arthritis, jogging and playing sports are out of consideration. So, I go to a gym a few days each week (click to get your free guest pass to LA Fitness).

Despite my gym routine, I had added about twenty pounds in the past fifteen years. Adding twenty pounds may not be atrocious, but it is also not ideal. I recently changed my fitness and nutritional routines and lost fifteen of those twenty pounds in just a few months. Losing weight has been easier than I expected.

How to Lose Weight

Below are the main points from my personal experience which may also help you achieve your healthy weight loss goals.

1. I stopped eating after 8 pm. This is an arbitrary cut-off, but it was the time that worked best for me. It helped me cut out needless, “comfort” calories. Your best cut-off time may be earlier or later. Because I generally go to bed around 10 pm, not eating for two hours before sleep was no particular hardship. However, it was critical in reducing caloric intake. Those two hours before sleep were the hours I would eat comfort food. I’d down ice cream and cookies, or chips and salsa while I watched TV, winding down my day. Eating after 8 pm for me resulted in taking in useless and, potentially harmful, calories.

2. I changed from primarily weightlifting exercises to more active, low-impact bodyweight exercises with the AbStar AIR. Yes, I’m biased, but this change has helped me burn more calories, I believe. I was able to move more quickly between exercises and reduce rest periods. I now lift weights one day each week, which has proven enough to maintain my muscle mass. Muscle is important for the efficient burning of calories. But I now have more variety in my workouts and also sweat more. Moving quickly between ab crunches, push-ups, planks, lunges and balance exercises with little rest can be functionally beneficial. It is also more efficient and enjoyable than simply pulling or pushing on a weight machine.

More Ideas

3. Instead of filling a large plate or bowl with food, per my normal custom, I tried to use a smaller dish. Thus, I easily reduced my portion sizes. Doing this just a few times each week sharply reduced my caloric intake. And, while eating smaller portions, I began to feel full sooner. So, I needed less food to feel satisfied.

4. I drank more water and less juice. For many years, I drank juice diluted with about 50 percent water. Then I began drinking more pure water instead. Cutting out just a few glasses of juice each week saved calories without any great loss in enjoyment or health benefit.

5. I performed brief, occasional exercise throughout the day. Whether it was a set of push-ups twice each day, a set of abs crunches, or 30-second planks, I tried to do something to get my body out of “resting mode” as often as practicable.

The Result

Any of the above actions can help you. For me, all of the above actions began to create a positive feedback loop. Once I lost a couple of pounds, with little sacrifice, I wanted to continue. I felt good and less full after meals. I began to fit my clothes better. Because I was attaining success without sacrificing enjoyment, it was easy to continue. If a routine is simple and I can see and feel benefits, there’s no reason for me to stop until I reach my goal.

My advice is to keep your quest of losing weight as simple as possible. Losing weight in a healthy way may not be easy to achieve for everyone. It can, however, be simple to pursue. Rather than overthinking the endless possibilities and delaying your start, just begin. Any of the five ideas above can help you. Add others as you’re able. Make the decision today and quickly get on your path toward losing weight. Starting simply may be the most beneficial way to achieve your personal, healthy weight loss goal.

Use my experience to help you answer your own question, “What are some easy ways to lose weight?” The “ways” can be simpler and, maybe, even easier than you think.

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Disclaimer: Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise or nutrition program. The opinions contained herein are the opinion of the author only. Use it at your own risk.