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Clean Fitness Equipment to Stay Healthy

Most of us have various pieces of fitness equipment at home. Do you own barbells, dumbbells, fitness straps, exercise balls, or other home fitness equipment? Do you ever clean fitness equipment? If not, you may not be exercising as safely as you should. Like every surface in your home or gym, your fitness equipment needs to be cleaned and sanitized, too.

Fortunately, some fitness equipment is easy to clean. Most dumbbells should be easy to keep clean. Barbells would be tougher simply due to the larger surface area. Cotton or polyethylene fitness straps can be easily washed in a washer. Straps made of polyurethane may need to be hand-cleaned with special disinfectants (check your product guide). But what about that exercise ball? That big, hulking ball that’s taking up so much space needs cleaning, too. If you’ve ever tried to clean a spongy sphere, you know it can’t easily be done. So, what can you do to keep an inflatable fitness trainer, like the ball, clean?

Easy to Clean and Sanitize

We suggest you buy the Exercise Star and make your life easier, safer, and healthier. The Exercise Star is easy to clean with soap and water, and it safely sanitizes with alcohol wipes or disinfectant sprays.

With its anti-slip base, the Exercise Star stays where you put it, and it is safer, more versatile, and more effective than a ball. Only ten inches high, twenty inches in diameter, and 3.5 lbs., the Exercise Star is easy to carry, move and store. Its thicker material and 500 lb. rating mean the Exercise Star offers better support for exercisers. Its design and construction make for more efficient core and stability training while offering resilience for effective resistance training, too.

Each Exercise Star is produced in only one factory to the exact same specifications. That factory uses special AbStar molds of the same size and shape, along with the same materials and advanced rotational molding process in every manufacturing run. Its non-porous surface and small footprint makes for easy cleaning and sanitizing. Clean fitness equipment is safer, healthier fitness equipment.

When exercising, the Exercise Star can help you stay healthy and safe in every way.

Yours in health,
Team AbStar

Remember: The Exercise Star can be used for almost any type of exercise EXCEPT standing balance. It is simply too unstable to stand on safely. However, that is exactly what makes it better for every other non-standing exercise. In addition to adding greater instability and challenge for core exercises, the Exercise Star can be squeezed between the hands or legs to aid resistance (strength) training. Click here to see our exercises.

Save money and space with the AbStar Core Trainer while achieving more varied and effective workouts safely at home or in the gym.

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Disclaimer: The above is the opinion of the author. Use it at your own risk. As always, consult with your doctor before beginning any nutritional or exercise program.