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Brown Alumni Monthly – AbStar Core Trainer

The AbStar Core Trainer was featured in the Brown Alumni Monthly Holiday Gift Guide. I am honored that my invention got noticed!

Brown University is a wonderful school to explore your interests. Although I graduated with a BA in mathematical-economics, I happily took engineering, English and a design class at the Rhode Island School of Design. Those possibilities were just part of Brown’s Open Curriculum.

I am pleased my financial skills and interests have stayed with me. However, I’m thrilled that the creative interests I was allowed to nurture have stayed with me. Some of the many things I learned at Brown apparently stuck! I am grateful every day for the wonderful teachers I have had and the amazing people I have met.

Thank you again to Brown University and to Brown Alumni Monthly!

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More About the AbStar Core Trainer

The inflatable AbStar AIR’s unique, patented rounded-star design offers a safer, unstable exercise surface than does an exercise ball. It offers multiple hold positions for versatile bodyweight and resistance exercise options. It’s great for core training, total body circuit training, body balance, and physical therapy. You can use it for stretching, strength, and water workouts.

With its low-rise and compact size, the AbStar AIR ensures you stay in the most effective positions for core exercising. Ab crunches, back extensions, side bends, and planks are more effective with the AbStar AIR, so you can reach your fitness goals faster. Anti-burst with a 400 lb. rating and no moving or metal parts, it’s effective and safe. Just pump it up and start benefiting from its use.

Each Abstar AIR purchase from this site includes a printed exercise guide and plastic hand pump with needle.

To view some of the scores of exercises you can do with the AbStar AIR, click here.