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AbStar Warranty | AbStar Fitness Products

Our AbStar warranty is one we created with your satisfaction in mind. Several years of development and high-quality workmanship and materials went into the AbStar Fitness Trainer. So, we are sure you will love your new best fitness friend! 

Slight variations or creases on the surface of your core trainer will not affect performance. They should smooth out over time. Remember, we all need to embrace our wrinkles.

If you have any issues with your AbStar Fitness Trainer, email us at team@abstar.com or call us at 310-734-8500. Our AbStar warranty guarantees we will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction.

Please use your new AbStar Fitness Trainer and other AbStar products safely and as directed. Thank you!

AbStar Fitness is a Bionic Ventures LLC company.